About us

Welcome to Al-hirah

Al-hirah is a brand inspired by Islam. A brand that believes in modesty and purity. Our focus is to provide men, women and kids with modest wear around the world, we want you to believe in our clothes "FAITH IN CLOTHING". In 2019 the young and ambitious co-founders Mahir and Imad started to develop the idea that Islamic fashion needed a modern touch, thus creating Al-hirah. The concept of Al-hirah is to integrate the Islamic fashion and modesty with the modern day styles and concepts. 

We are here to provide you with a quality service that will make you proud to wear Islamic clothes. We are continuously developing and innovating our range of clothing to make sure the movement of modest wear continues. We want to give our customers a sense of satisfaction they can be proud of. 

Thank you for shopping with us here at Al-Hirah

Faith in Clothing